For A Tranquil Day On The Beach, Head To Menorca’s Santo Tomas

Any Hawaiian Island makes a great vacation spot for every type of traveler. The island provides time for the nurturing love and attention you both deserve. It aims to strengthen collective action as one “Blue Pacific Continent” by putting “The Blue Pacific” at the centre of the policy making and collective action for advancing the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ Vision for our Region.

Beauty of Waikiki can be explored in its beautiful resorts and outstanding sea-facing hotels as well. More than 100,000 people visit the protected islands of the Galapagos every year. Jumby Bay Island’s 21 private residences are beautifully appointed, treasured family homes – each with an individual spirit – that you may call your own for the length of your stay.

Alikudi, Filikudi, Panarea and Salina are the smaller islands. They spend every winter in and around Lattingtown, Mill Neck Bay, Oyster Bay and Centre Island. The island’s 174 acres are covered in rich tropical rainforest and surrounded by white sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs and azure South Pacific waters.

Situated 35 miles east of New Providence, the Exumas comprise a chain of roughly 350 islands and cays, strung out along some 95 miles of open ocean, all the way down to Long Island. Contact us to find out more about our off-market islands for sale and let Vladi Private Islands turn your island dream into your dream island.

However, many of the full-time residents leave the island for a couple of months, when the boats stop running. Other highlights of the island include Akrotíri Archaeological Site, Ancient Thira, the black sand beach of Perissa, and of course, the sublime sunsets.