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Rhode Island isn’t called the Ocean State for nothing. If you venture inland on Corfu, you can stumble upon hidden villages and secret locations with mountains, olive groves and all the colour and intrigue of an island whose crowded resorts can quickly fade from memory as the warm Mediterranean waters lap the side of your boat or kayak.

Cocooned in their white, protective, hibernation coats, the boats across the bay, once the gateway to the Atlantic and Europe, were again the only vessels to occupy it, as they had before Curtiss had first landed here in his “F” Boat, indicating that all things do, indeed, begin anew.

Some of the most beautiful beaches and colourful villages in Greece can be found on the island, with Corfu hotels providing traditional styling and genuine quality for visitors who want to experience the real Corfu and its exotic range of things to do, sights to see and places to relax and recharge.

Their dialogue just made it seem like there’s a narrative leading to plot points located around the strange Island, and the “going about everyday issues” thing don’t really click all that well, accounting for the many issues that made this series much less enjoyable to begin with.

Many residents were concerned about the impact of such a ferry, and even though they’d been talking about if for years, and many of us really wanted the ferry to come (because then we’d be able to take our cars between the islands mostly) the people who didn’t want it won.