Enjoy Robinson Three Bedroom at Swissotel Suites Phuket Kamala Beach

Phuket offers incredible natural beauty. Phuket is known for its various types of beaches that make tourists want to come back. One of the tourist destinations that are worth visiting while in Phuket is Kamala Beach. The distance from Phuket International Airport to Kamala beach is around 45 minutes.

The beach area is quite safe. The waves are relatively calm with a long coastline. 5-star luxury hotels with affordable room rates are also available there.

The exclusive lodging that exists is competing to give maximum service for you, your family, or your partner who crave a unique vacation. If you visit Kamala Beach, you can stay at 5 Star Hotel Kamala Beach. This 5-star hotel is on Soi Kamala 12. The hotel has many types of rooms. The hotel is suitable for guests who want to feel the Sunset on the hotel balcony in the afternoon.

The types of rooms provided include:

• One Bedroom Haven Suite

• One Bedroom Pool Terrace Suite

• One Bedroom Family Fun Suite

• Two-Bedroom Haven Suite

• Two-Bedroom Pool Terrace Suite

• Two-Bedroom Family Fun Suite

• Three Bedroom Robinson

Some room types do look the same; what makes it different is the size of the mattress. However, this article will focus on discussing the three-bedroom Robinson suite room at Swissotel.

Three bedroom Robinson suite is the type of room suitable for families. The room provides amenities for a fun family vacation with a variety of games. If you cooked this room, you could get free Pizza cooking classes for children.

There are 3 beds offered Three bedroom Robinson suite, There is a main bedroom with a king bed, and there are also additional second and third beds with twin beds.

The mattress used is also quite large; it is enough for six families. The size of the spacious room is 95 square meters. The size of the room guarantees your children able to move and play inside.

For the price, this three-bedroom Robinson suite room costs around 9400 THB / night. The facilities for this room are:

• Bathtub

• Refrigerator

• Coffee/tea maker

• Minibar

• Hairdryer, and many more.

What are you waiting for? Booked your spacious room at Swissotel Phuket Kamala now.