Eight tips picked a hotel for your family

Traveling to Bangkok, sometimes you have to stay at the hotel. If bringing the family, the hotel becomes a temporary home. So, You must to find Family Hotel Bangkok. Family members can play while resting comfortably. If the rest time is optimally fulfilled, the family members are refresh in following all the activities on the holiday spot. Here are some guidelines for choosing a family-friendly hotel.

1. Take surveys

Check the hotel’s security and cleanliness from a variety of sources, not only from the linked hotel sites. Do not be lazy to peek reviews of travel bloggers, travel sites, to traveling communities.

2. Strategic location

How to choose a friendly hotel for families especially family members, one of them by determining the location. Choose the location of the hotel that is close to tourist destinations and public transportation.

3. Family member facilities

Make sure that the hotel has friendly facilities for family members, for example, it has a clean hotel room with a family member activity package that is varied. In addition, the hotel must have a large enough playground for the family members to do their activity without disturbing other guests.

4. Refrigerator

It also includes a mini-refrigerator, a thermos, and a water heater in the room as it is very useful if you are still breastfeeding. Or store some snacks.

5. Family Room

This room has many advantages, including more spacious, with an extra bed for family members and infants, and there are towels, bathrobes, and small rooms.

6. Room layout

Staying in a hotel room with a beautiful balcony overlooking the mountains, beach or pool is certainly very enjoyable. However, when traveling with family members also note whether the rooms that will be occupied on the floor are not too high, have a terrace and the room floor is not slippery and has a safe and comfortable balcony with a sturdy barrier.

7. Connecting Door

If you have to stay in a separate room, make sure you and your family members get a room with a connecting door, so that if family members need help, you can come quickly.

8. According to budget

What if you are stuck in a budget to get the best hotel for family members? Can I still choose a family-friendly hotel? Actually, there are still many other types of an inn that are also suitable for the family. For example, the Ibis styles Bangkok Ratchada.