4 Reasons for the Importance of Moral Education for This Generation

Being a smart person is great indeed. But the intelligence without good morals is bad either! Instead of making you successful, it makes you fall into sin.

Why did it happen? The most likely reason is that they lack an understanding of moral values. Their intelligence is not matched by spiritual resulting in behavior deviations.

Now, reflecting on this phenomenon, here are important reasons why we are required to teach moral education to children from an early age. St Andrews Green Valley Play Group In Pattaya can help you to guide children to build a character education.

1. The first moral education is mutual respect. It can help prevent bullying at school

Units bullying has been around for a long time. But sadly, as the times evolve, the case of bullying is not increasingly fading but is even more widespread in society. Especially in schools, there are not a few students who are made fun of by their friends. Even those who experience violence. Surely the phenomenon is very caused by concern, right?

How is it to be not, a school that should be a place to study even makes children tortured. So it is appropriate for teachers to instill moral values seriously. Likewise, parents are also very obliged to teach their children to behave properly. About how to be mutual respect and love.

2. A good moral can also form more ethical behavior. So that other people will be more reluctant and respectful!

You might have a lot of money, but it doesn’t affect your behavior. There are a lot of rich people immoral. They live in luxury, but unfortunately, the behavior is even worse. This condition could be due to their lack of understanding of moral values.

If moral education is instilled since childhood, then it can help the formation of more ethical behavior.

3. Providing moral education to children can help create quality future generations

To create a quality future generation, children don’t just need academic education. But they also need to be instilled with moral values as early as possible. It’s useless if they do not have morality, in the end, they can become corrupt and even commit immoral acts.

4. Most definitely, moral education must also be balanced with spirituality to prevent immoral acts that increasingly occur in society

Finally, the most important thing in giving moral teachings must be balanced with spiritual values. Because after all, religion is the pillar of life. Without religion, people will just fall into bad deeds such as rape, fraud, and murder. This behavior arises because they cannot control their lust.