What is LiveaBoard?

For those of you who like to travel, especially those who like to enjoy the ocean during travel, you must be familiar with LiveaBoard.

LiveaBoard is a trip where tourists stay on a medium-sized boat. LiveaBoard is often used by tourists who want to explore the beauty of the sea.

Thailand is an archipelago country that has amazing underwater beauty suitable for snorkeling and diving. If you visit Thailand, you can go to Similan Island, Koh Bon, Boonsung Wreck, Richelieu Rock, Surin Island, etc.

Some of the tourist destinations above can be explored using the services from Manta Queen Liveaboard. Manta Queen provides comfortable air-conditioned double ensuite, twin ensuite, twin non-ensuite cabins. It also has 6 crew members and 5 dive staff.

Not only that, Manta Queen offers plenty of space to enjoy the time between dives in the saloon with HD-TV, an open dining area at its sundeck. For more details, you can visit the website https://mantaqueenliveaboard.com/product/manta-queen-8/.

Here are some tips that you need to prepare before trying Liveaboard.


The first thing you need to prepare is a strong physical condition. This is important because Liveaboard usually takes several days or even more depending on the package or route you choose. At that time, you are faced with an uncertain sea condition. It is suggested for you to try the short trip first to check whether you can stay there for a long time or not.

Bring Complete Needs

Liveaboard requires you to stay on the boat for a few days. For that reason, you have to prepare your personal needs well. It is better to bring a jacket in Liveaboard, the night wind on the boat is strong and cold. Also, bring cotton T-shirts, sunblocks and sunglasses to protect from daytime when the weather is hot. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes to get a better move. Most importantly, bring personal medication for emergencies that might occur.

Check the boat

You need to check the boat before choosing Liveaboard Services. Make sure the condition of the boat following what you want. From the condition of the cabin room, bathroom, total passenger capacity, boat floor plans, number of lifeboats and so on, all should be checked first. Also note whether the boat has a first aid kit, life jacket, and lifeboat or not.

Emergency state

Before doing Liveaboard, you need to fill out a form that contains your data and any diseases or allergies you have. You should fill it honestly so that there are no communication errors, remembering you will spend a few days in the middle of the sea. Besides, this can help if allergies or diseases that you have suddenly occurred on the boat