Traveling to Jim Thompson Museum, Unique Silk House in Bangkok

Who is not familiar with this Jim Thompson Museum? This museum is one of the favorite attractions of foreign tourists or backpackers who are on vacation in Bangkok. What is the uniqueness of the Jim Thompson museum? What kind of place is it? Let’s take a look.

The first time you arrived at Jim Thompson’s museum

You will be welcomed by a variety of souvenirs and beautiful and unique gardens, as well as silk fabrics which are one of the icons of the Jim Thompson Museum. You can see directly the process of spinning silk directly. You are required to buy a ticket when you want to enter the Jim Thompson Museum. When you entered this unique museum you will be offered directly to use the tour guide service, you don’t have to pay because it has already been included in the ticket that has been paid.

The tour will take about 45 minutes and the tour guide will explain the history of the Jim Thompson museum and its uniqueness by using English. If you are confused about searching for 4-star hotel accommodation near with Jim Thompson Museum. This hotel offers accommodation for 4-star hotels at affordable prices. For more information about this hotel, you visit the official Aetas Lumpini Hotel website at

This house is a story house, consisting of 6 parts, where not all the parts can be accessed and we cannot use the camera inside this house. This house has a living room that is almost the same as the usual house, which is the bedroom, garden, the room, and the prayer room.

The main room of the Jim Thompson Museum is the largest house, located on the 2nd floor, there is Jim Thompson’s bed and there is a relaxing room overlooking the river. The paintings are very old-aged and there are many. Even the windows to the statues are uniquely shaped in Thailand. But not all types of Thailand, because most of it is also dominated by ceramic porcelain from China such as spoon and others. This furniture was obtained when Jim wandered around the world.

The Ticket Price of the Jim Thompson Museum

The ticket is around 150 Baht, there is a discount for tourists under 25 years of age around 50{36b7354cb40bf6e8c655408a9dc68e90b12373598ef1631d3a83fa8e82b2ce77} by showing a passport.

Location and transportation

Location: Located at Jalansoi 2 Kasensamrama I Road, near and opposite MBK National Stadium.

That’s all the review of the Jim Thompson museum, the unique silk house in Bangkok, hopefully the review of the Jim Thompson museum, the unique silk house in Bangkok is useful.