Tourism Spots in Danang – Vietnam’s Most Beautiful and Most Popular.

One country that has always been visited by tourists in Southeast Asia is Vietnam. This country is known by  its strong culture. Some tourism spots in Ho Chi Minh also have a cultural style mixed with French  culture  because this country have been colonized by France. There are still many  tourism spots in Vietnam that you can visit. Besides Ho Chi Minh, tourism spots in Hanoi are also well-known as tourism city in the country. Staying in Danang Hotel   to explore every excitement that  will always be an unforgettable exprerience. Besides  Danang, Vietnam still has another  tourism spots  in Vietnam, Hanoi, Nha Trang and many more. Exploring this country with its beauty will provide its own satisfaction in the adventure.

Don’t forget to visit Da Nang city in Vietnam. There are many beautiful and interesting  tourism spots in Da Nang to visit. This city is known for its beautiful beaches and charming nature. There are a variety of religious places with beautiful Buddhist decoration. The city also has several historic sites which can add your insights about the history of Vietnam.

Here are some recommended tourism spots in Da Nang that worth to visit.

1. Golden Bridge

One of the newest Da Nang attractions is the Golden Bridge. This place opened recently in June 2018. Located in Ba Na Hills, the Golden Bridge is a skywalk area where you can see natural scenery  from 3,280 elevations above the sea surface. From a bridge with 149,962 meters lenght. This bridge is designed with gold coating and two pillars seems like two large hands holding the Golden Bridge.

2. Linh Ung Buddhist Temple

One of the most popular tourism spots in Da Nang is Linh Ung Buddhist. This place is located on a hill that was built into the temple complex in the city of Da Nang during the Ngunyen dynasty. It also called Bai But, Chua Linh Ung is the highest pagoda in Da Nang city. Buddhist-shaped pagoda is sacred by the local Buddhist in Vietnam.

3. Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains are a complex of five hills made of rocks and marble that make the hills have a charming natural scenery. The location is known as a religious pilgrimage site with passageways, caves, temples and peaks that offer beautiful views. Located 9 km south of the city of Da Nang.

4. Asia Park

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of the city of Da Nang at night? Visiting Asia Park can be a good choice to spend your night in the city of Da Nang. Asia Park is a popular and iconic night park in the city of Da Nang. From the distance, this park will steal the views of every tourist  with neon lights that decorate almost the whole area of the park.