How To Book The Cheapest Flight Possible To Anywhere

With the price of air travel rising so fast it’s even more important now than ever to be able to search for and find dirt cheap airline tickets. You’ll be overlooking some airlines you’ve forgotten about or have possibly never heard of if you look up each one separately. This German airline covers 18 domestic destinations and 193 international destinations across 81 countries. Pinto Martins Airport offers nonstop flights to 19 cities.

Data has shown that tickets can be bought for at least 7 percent below the average price if booked 6 weeks in advance. Expedia offers a rewards program, but the earning potential through flights isn’t great. If you are trying to think of ways to save money on air travel; here are five different ways of getting cheap airline tickets for your next flight.

Of those airlines, here are the cheapest ones out of the U.S. providers. Information …

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