Cheap Flight Tickets

With the price of oil showing no sign of subsiding, the cost of airplane travel is set to rise for many years to come. Most air flight websites have a place where radically reduced cheap air flight tickets are accessible. The bargain airfares combined with high fuel prices have hurt the big and small carriers besides the drop in passenger traffic in low U.S economy for the last few years.

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Findmyfare is a unique and first of its kind online travel company in Sri Lanka to provide affordable air tickets, hotel accommodations and exciting holiday packages. Airlines like Norwegian Air and Frontier will likely have cheaper flights than the legacy carries like British Airways or Delta , but you’re probably going to give up some amenities and comforts in order to save that money.

These sites have greater access on different airlines in Europe so you won’t have any difficulty finding for cheap airfare deals. Find direct flights that are nonstop, avoid early departure times— or try our Best Value filter, which sorts based on price, duration, and additional factors.

Best Feature: The out-of-10 flight rating assigns each itinerary a clear score, so you’re a lot less likely to mistakenly book a long layover or miss out on a better itinerary with Travelocity. Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” reservation system is different from most other online travel sites.