Ask Alfie, Our Virtual Travel Advisor

TripAdvisor, Inc. However, if you are planning a complex itinerary or air travel, want to stay in high-end hotels, need a guide, are seeking the services of a local expert, or planning a trip to a destination that is unfamiliar, a Travel Advisor is your best resource to make your trip a success and help you avoid making a costly mistake.

We even launched a TravelAge West event — The Future Leaders in Travel Retreat — to honor the new generation of advisors: a platform for advisors between the ages of 22-37 to network with peers over engaging outdoor activities and carefully crafted professional development sessions.

Owners can use the messaging system to thank contributors, ask for other comments, legitimately attempt to resolve customer service issues, or (in the case of vacation rental property owners or managers) discuss a booking with a user, but they are not allowed to ask contributors to retract a review via the mailing system.

Travelers who book a stay at any Virtuoso-network hotel receive more than $500 of benefits per property including breakfast, $100 hotel or food and drinks credit, a room upgrade (depending on availability), and early check-in and late check-out preference subject to availability.

I travel to Sandals in Jamaica a lot and always love the reviewers whining that they booked the lowest level room and then were put into the room they booked rather than being upgraded to a butler suite or bitching about things beyond the control of anyone, my favorite being a reviewer who did nothing but complain that the ocean water was too salty.” You really have to wade through the fakes and the complainers but I do like looking at TripAdvisor for reviews and seeing if there are consistent complaints running through recent reviews that would make me not want to book a hotel or go to the attraction.